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Sake Music Grab 25 May 2008

sake, ruby, mp3

This is a little Sake task for grabbing all the mp3s off a web page. Like if someone sends you a link to a directory of music and you get an Apache index, you know?

Install Sake and the task.

gem install sake
sake -i

Start grabbing!

sake grab:mp3s

Here’s the source:

desc "Grab all the mp3/m4a files from a web page"
task "grab:mp3s" do
  require 'hpricot'
  require 'open-uri'

  taskname = ARGV.shift

  if ARGV.empty?
    $stderr.puts "usage: #{File.basename($0)} #{taskname} <mp3dir-uri>"

  uri = ARGV.first

  doc = open(uri) {|f| Hpricot(f) }
  links = (doc/"a").map do |a|
    a.get_attribute("href") do |link|
    link.match(/\.(mp3|m4a)$/) do |link|
    URI.join(uri, link)

  dirname = URI.unescape(File.basename(uri))

  links.each do |link|
    filename = File.join(dirname, URI.unescape(File.basename(link.to_s)))
    puts filename
    open(filename, 'w').write(

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